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Now, for the first time since we’ve been on line, ACTV is ready to stream individual episodes of our programming. The service, made possible by PegCentral and our latest equipment upgrade, allows anyone on the planet with access to the internet, to watch episodes generated right here in in the Blue Ridge.

Shows will be added to the streaming server for a nominal fee and include all types of programming, from County Commissioner meetings to church services and will be available at any time with chaptering to aid in navigation. ACTV also plans to sell “embed codes” to program producers so that shows can be shown on their own websites if desired. Shows or ads could be “played” on any website.

Links to producers’ or sponsors’ sites, contact information and other metadata will be featured with videos to protect copyrights and so that viewers can identify or contact producers of content. The added traffic across ACTV’s site will help raise visibility for sites we link to, so the very links, themselves, will benefit our customers.

Forms will be available, online, for content generators to fill out and submit to ACTV. This “metadata” information will be used to upload series and episode data to broadcast program listings and to videos played online. ACTV has added a new web address,, which will take visitors directly to the program listing page on our site. The address was chosen to be shorter- and easier to remember- than the main address.

The listing page will also aide in generating revenue for the station in another way, in that select dvd’s will be available for purchase, there. We will also be adding a Donate Now button on the home page of the site. Both features will provide for secure, easy online transactions with no registration required by a donor or a customer. In fact, transactions will be automatic with financial information completely hidden from station personnel.

In short, the streaming at will be as important a “broadcast” tool as any of our existing affiliates and maybe more than some, creating revenue for the station and advertising benefits for our sponsors, like no other outlet.

Here are just a few of the series available now at

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